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PSYC5122: Introduction to Psychology Assignment Answers

Question 1 (Marks: 20) The Philani Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition Trust is an NGO that has been addressing maternal, child health and nutritional problems predominantly in the informal settlements surrounding the Cape Town area. They provide many services to the community, which include: • Supporting Pregnant Mothers. • Caring for newborn babies and ensuring the healthy development of children. • Empowering mothers living with […]

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PSED5112 – Psychology for Educators Assignment Answers

Question 1 (Marks: 60) Q.1.1 The word ‘I’ relates to our self-awareness, or the object of attention whereby we communicate our thoughts, feelings, and desires (Damian and Robins, 2012 cited in Castle & Buckler, 2018). Read the following article: In the form of a formal essay, reflect on the term “self” as it relates to Psychology. In your essay, include the following in your […]

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PSYC6222 – Developmental Psychology Assignment Answers

Question 1 (Marks: 20) A large majority of South Africans live in low-income households in impoverished communities with limited access to healthcare. Discuss four prevalent teratogens in the South Africa’s socio-economic context. Provide context for these, with at least two academic journal articles. Question 2 (Marks: 50) You have been employed as a Developmental Psychology specialist in the neonatal ward of a government hospital and tasked […]

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