Question 1 (Marks: 20)
The Philani Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition Trust is an NGO that has been addressing maternal, child health and nutritional problems predominantly in the informal settlements surrounding the Cape Town area. They provide many services to the community, which include:

• Supporting Pregnant Mothers.
• Caring for newborn babies and ensuring the healthy development of children.
• Empowering mothers living with HIV/AIDS and enabling them to live productive lives.

Due to the increased fatality rates of infants in the area, you have been invited by Philani to give a talk on the influences of prenatal development to 20 young women that are pregnant. In your talk:

• Describe at least two influences on prenatal development given the information above.
• Provide insightful guidance (with regards to your response above) on how these mothers could avoid an unhealthy pregnancy.

Question 2 (Marks: 40)

Q.2.1. Your friend wants to open her own school in the future and approaches you to assist her in understanding how a child develops in terms of their thinking and learning. Explain Jean Piaget’s stages of cognitive development and provide relevant examples (in each stage) to make her understand how a child thinks and learns during the different ages so that she is equipped with relevant knowledge to
assist her in understanding children and how they think and learn. (20)

Q.2.2 The five –factor model of personality guides one in understanding different personality traits. (20)

• Briefly explain each of the five – factor personality traits with relevant examples of how an individual behaves and reacts in certain social situations.
• Reflect on which personality trait suits your character and;
• Discuss if any changes need(ed) to be implemented to align yourself to your personal goals.

Question 3 (Marks: 20)

Q.3.1 You meet a friend on a flight to America. She wants to know more about South Africa and its culture. In your conversation, explain to her at least two societal stressors that South Africa has experienced or is still experiencing and explain to
her how the country is trying to overcome these societal stressors. (10)

Q.3.2 Joshua has been experiencing tremendous stress due to having many commitments that he cannot juggle. What advice will you provide to Joshua so that he is able to deal effectively with the stress experienced? Provide at least two
practical examples. (10)

Question 4 (Marks: 40)

Q.4.1 Discuss at least three criteria that guides clinicians when they have to diagnose a patient. Provide relevant examples in your discussion of each. (20)

Q.4.2. The role of a mental health professional is important to treat the mental well- being of an individual. Describe (in your own words) the role of the at least four professionals within the mental health professions and the settings where they work. (20)

Answers to Above Questions on Psychology

Answer 1: The prenatal development is a process that involves encompassing the period from the formation of an embryo through the development of a fetus to birth. As in the given case study, it is evaluated that there is an increased fatality rate of infants, and considering this, the most important influences on prenatal development that I would discuss is the environmental dangers because there are many environmental factors that directly affect the fetus development. The second major influence on prenatal development that I would discuss is ….


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