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Human Resource Functions (HHRF1181) Assignment Answers

QUESTION 1: (32 Marks) Discuss the work of Isobel H.B. White in the early nineteen thirties, which led to the establishment of the Institute of Personnel Management in South Africa. (11 marks) For an organisation to be successful, the various characteristics present in the organisations, must be in tune with each other. In order to prosper, the organisation must balance meeting the needs of the […]

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Human Resource Management Assignment Answers Regenesys

QUESTION 1 [50 MARKS] An organisation’s human resources can be a source of competitive advantage. This is only possible if employees are managed effectively in the workplace. Briefly discuss the following: • Why people behave differently in the workplace with specific reference to the link between human resources and behavioural science. (10 marks) • How groups and teams can contribute to achieving the goals of […]

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HURM5122w Human Resource Management Assignment Answers

Never has the role of HR been more important to an organization’s success than in these volatile and unpredictable times. As the world recovers from the coronavirus pandemic and takes on additional emerging challenges such as rising inflation, lagging supply chains, or severe talent shortages, HR departments will be the driving force behind any and all necessary changes. In 2021, HR solidified its strategic position […]

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Strategic Human Resource Management Assignment Answers

QUESTION 1 [50 MARKS] As an HR manager in the Gauteng Department of Education, you have been tasked to examine how strategic human resource management (SHRM) and selected HR strategies can be used to improve performance in your organisation (aligned with the applicable legislative mandate). Write an analysis, where you focus on the following: • The mission statement and a set of prioritised goals for […]

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HRM6014 Human Resource Management Assignment Answers

Question 1:Human Resource Managers are faced with constant challenges in shaping a high-performing workforce in the current disruptive business environment. Analyse any FOUR (4) major challenges faced by human resource managers in creating a high-potential workforce capable of navigating through the disruptive business landscape.(25 marks) Question 2:People management practices have taken a seismic shift in the past few years redefining the role of human resources […]

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Business and Management Sciences Assignment Answers

QUESTIONS 1: 25 MARKS Personnel management is not something new, it was a practise that started back during the Ancient armies. HR services such as recruiting, selecting, training and motivating employees was seen as the responsibility of the manager, which was needed during the Ancient army. Labour issues began to arise in many other factories, which resulted into the creation of the first hiring office […]

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