Personnel management is not something new, it was a practise that started back during the Ancient armies. HR services such as recruiting, selecting, training and motivating employees was seen as the responsibility of the manager, which was needed during the Ancient army. Labour issues began to
arise in many other factories, which resulted into the creation of the first hiring office and training
programs by 1900.
1.1 After reading the above abstract make a detailed comparison between the past and presence Human Resource Management. (15)
1.2 When the organisation is operating under a new SHRM what will be the new roles of the Human
Resource manager? (10)
“Job analysis” is considered one of the critical processes that cannot be avoided during a recruitment process. Suggest some of the crucial factors that need to be considered when embarking on a job analysis process.
The main dilemma in which the strength-based approach will bring into the HR department is based on the career management. Career management is the process by which the individual profession is being shaped and planned in accordance with the needs of the organisation. Career management is different from career development in that it is not based on the individual shaping their careers in accordance with their personal needs and inspirations.
3.1 Making reference to the above statement, what is the fundamental difference between career management and career development? (10)
3.2 What are some of the strategies companies can use to promote career management instead of career development in their organisation? (15)
Performance appraisal is considered one of the instrumental tools used by organisations to evaluate and manage the performance of employees. Describe some of the methods for appraising performance that organisations can use to ensure continuous growth and development within their employees.

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Answer 1: Human resource management is an important function in an organisation that is concerned with managing the human resources in a way that leads to maximum output in achieving organisational goals. However the ways in which human resources are managed today differ significantly from that of the past. The main difference that can be noted between the past and the present human resource management is …..

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