Read the following case study and answer the following questions:

Suppose your organisation is introducing a new computer system that will help management keep better track of its department’s work and to streamline processes and increase workflow and efficiency. As the HR manager, you are responsible for proper training and development of staff to be able to properly use the system. The system is also designed to fill in gaps in various areas of the human resource planning cycle and to allow your department and the organisation to have better and more efficient processes. The HR and other managers are tasked with researching systems that would provide the company with this need.



As the HR manager, you must understand every task in your organisation, which includes the skills and competencies required by workers to achieve business goals.

Research about computer management systems that allow companies to streamline their work processes across departments and evaluate how these systems would allow organisations to address these areas:

• Targeted hiring and staffing;
• Employee learning and education;
• Career development; and
• Succession management.

Then, justify why these management systems are the most effective for any organisation and industry.


Now that you have researched about the computer management systems and their impact on your organisation’s processes and efficiency across departments, you need to consider the South African legislation that will impact these processes.

Which South African legislation will impact these processes? Examine five ways you think this legislation will affect the entire processes and justify your response by providing scenarios of how these have affected existing companies.

For example, you can consider training and development and how they will affect or have an impact on the organisation, and which act or acts will impact this process.


In the preceding question you have considered the legislation and its impact on your organisation’s processes. Consider leadership and the type of leader that will be the most effective in guiding the organisation towards this change.

Select any style of leadership provided in your learner guide and discuss four ways in which you think this style will be the most effective in ensuring that the organisation, employees, and management take this change appropriately.

Answers to Above Questions on Human Resource Management

Answer 1: Human resource management is an important function in an organisation. Technology has significantly affected the ways in which the human resource management of an organisation functions. Computer management systems on human resource management systems is an important development as a result of technology and this tool is highly efficient in streamlining work processes across different departments. They are highly efficient in performing a number of human resource management areas such as targeted hiring and staffing, employee learing and education, career development and succession management.


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