Question 1:
Human Resource Managers are faced with constant challenges in shaping a high-performing workforce in the current disruptive business environment. Analyse any FOUR (4) major challenges faced by human resource managers in creating a high-potential workforce capable of navigating through the disruptive business landscape.
(25 marks)

Question 2:
People management practices have taken a seismic shift in the past few years redefining the role of human resources as the driving force of organisations to maintain their competitive advantage. Explain any FOUR (4) employee engagement initiatives that can be used by human resources practitioners in creating its employee value proposition as a key competitive strategy.
(25 marks)

Question 3:
In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world, organisations need to ensure their employees are injected with crucial skills and capabilities for continuous business survival. Examine any FOUR (4) learning and development approaches organisations can adopt in a hybrid workplace to ensure sustainable talent development.
(25 marks)

Question 4:
In the current post-pandemic era, organisations are forced to consider the changing needs of their business and workforce in creating strategic moves forward. Elaborate on any FOUR (4) plans an organisation can implement to recalibrate compensation and benefits packages that fit the future of work in their way forward.

Answers to Above Questions on HRM

Answer 1: The modern day business environment is highly challenging and human resource managers are faced with significant challenges in managing high potential walkforce in such disruptive business environment conditions. The four important challenges as faced by human resource managers in the process of creating a high potential work force capable of navigating through a disruptive business landscape are business retaining high performers in the team, recruiting top talent, managing organisations budget while recruiting talent, and managing employee development.


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