Activity 1.1b: List examples of standards and code of conduct applicable to care workers in England

Standards and code of conduct are an important way of regulating the ways in which workers perform in an organisation. Standards are set not only at the organisation level, but they are also applied at industry level depending on the type of industry. In case of care support industry, the care workers working are required to follow the standards and code of conduct while delivering care assistance. They are required to follow the standard procedures that ensure quality care services to client. An analysis of the care certificate and the code of conduct for Healthcare support workers and adult social care workers in England indicate that there are many examples of the standard expected of a care worker. The important standards and code of conduct as expected from a care worker in delivering care services are discussed below:

Maintaining confidentiality of client’s information

Maintaining confidentiality of client’s information is an important requirement to be fulfilled by care worker. It is identified that care workers should observe complete confidentiality by way of making sure that they do not disclose any personal information with any unauthorised person. It is considered as a duty to protect patient confidentiality in health and social care. In certain circumstances, a care worker can override this duty when there is a risk of harm to someone else, and it is important to disclose the information in order to protect the best interest of the public.

Standard communication process

This standard indicates a proper communication process to be followed by a worker while assisting others. The role and implication of good communication in case of care work is that it helps in keeping the person calm. It is important for the care workers to assess their client by allowing them to speak their point of view patiently, allow their patient to talk and choose their words carefully and also communicate their mode of assistance in a caring way. Better communication helps in creating a good working environment for carers, as it facilitates transparency and openness, and as a result, both the carers and the patient feel empowered and motivated.

Safety, Equality and Diversity

Safety is another important code of conduct expected of a care worker which requires them to adapt a safe process while providing care assistance. There are possibility of sharp injuries, back injuries, latex allergies, violence and stress within care workers, and it is important for them to adopt safe practices in order to avoid any kind of injuries at the workplace. It is therefore important that all carers have received proper training in order to ensure no such incidents while providing care assistance to patient. Finally there is also a requirement of maintaining equality and diversity while delivering care support. It is important for the care workers to emphasize equality and diversity e and this could be positively achieved by way of providing person-centred care and work in a non judgemental manner. They can make care plans personalized in order to reflect the like and dislikes and believes of each individual.


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