1.4a: Why it is essential to work in partnership with other workers in a health and social care setting

Working in partnership is highly essential in case of every type of job. The role and implication of working in partnership is significantly higher especially in case of health and social care services. This is mainly because of the nature of job that a care provider is required to deliver. They are required to provide their services in a way that leads to fulfillment of all the expectations of care seekers. This requires them to be highly professional and appropriate with respect to delivering the care services. Working in partnership allows them to achieve professionalism through the collaborative efforts of all the members and the resulting impact is better delivery of care assistance to the patient. An analysis of why it is important to work in partnership with others along with a definition of effective partnership of working in a healthcare setting is carried out as follows:

Importance of working in partnership in a healthcare setting

It is important to work in a partnership in health care setting because there are significant advantages possible from working in partnership with other workers. The most significant benefit is in terms of pooled expertise because it brings together separate organisations and as a result they can utilise the resources and power in order to provide better care assistance. The ultimate goal of entering into partnership is to enhance the overall efficiency and quality of service provision. The other significant advantages from working in partnership includes better ability to deliver care closer to client’s home, easy accessibility to comprehensive range of services because of accessibility to the most appropriate team member, better ability to share information with patients, improved level of job satisfaction and support for volunteers and professionals, improve retention of support workers, and better ability to provide monitoring services through sharing resources across the organisation.

What is considered as effective partnership working in a health and social care?

As it is identified that working in partnership is highly important in case of Healthcare setting, it is important to analyse what is considered as effective partnership working in health and social care. There are certain important key consideration that needs to be focused on, in order to maintain good partnership in such care settings. The key features include openness, regular communication between partners, agreed shared goals and values, and trust and honesty between members. With these values, it can be possible to enhance the overall quality of relationship between members and ultimately a better coordination would result into improved quality of care assistance to patients.

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