1.3a: Describe your responsibility to the individual you support

With respect to the individual to whom you support, the primary responsibility is to provide quality care by way of assisting them in all the tasks they need help with. In addition to this, it is also the responsibility of care worker to provide adequate respect and dignity in the process of delivering care. The expectation of care seeker should be adequately met by fulfilling all their preferences from their service. It is important to make sure that there is no harm to the person you support from your services. It is the prime responsibility to promote the interest of person to whom you are serving. These important responsibilities are discussed in detail as follows:

Providing quality care

This is the prime responsibility of a care worker to the individual to whom they support. The focus should be on providing best quality care that leads to the maximum satisfaction within the individual. This requires the care worker to follow a person centred approach whereby they need to prioritise the requirements of the individual, and try to provide the best possible assistance they can.

Dignity and respect

Care work is a type of job that involves direct interaction with the individual. It is therefore important to provide complete respect and dignity while assisting them. There are different ways in which respect and dignity can be promoted by a care worker. This include allowing the people to choose their own, involving them in important decisions related to the care, addressing the person appropriately, respect personal space and possession.

Exceeding expectations

This is another important responsibility for the individual to whom you support. It is important to exceed the expectations of individual from the care services. This requires additional effort to be given by the care worker while assisting the patient such as providing personalized services, maintaining dignity and respect, helping in doing all personal tasks with care.

No harm to the person

It is highly important for the care worker to make sure that their services do not result into any kind of harm to the patient. The nature of care work is exposed to higher possibilities of harm to patient or to the care worker themselves, and it is therefore important for the care worker to work as per agreed ways of working with the employer. They need to follow the ethical approach while assisting the client. By following the standard process and procedures in providing care, it can be possible to minimise any instances of harm to any of the associated parties.

These are some of the important responsibility to the individual you support as a care service provider. The expert of student life saviour in UK can provide further guidance with respect to the responsibilities to the individual you support.


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