1.2c: Why it is important to work in ways that are agreed with the employer

It is important to work in ways that are agreed with the employer because it leads to better delivery of care services. This is mainly because the agreed ways with the employer would help the employee to deliver quality care by way of establishing partnership, involving care seekers, maintaining confidentiality and ensuring complete dignity and respect by providing care. The agreed ways of working will allow the employee to restrict any occurrence of harm to them and the care seeker and ultimately lead to better delivery of care services. An example of agreed ways of working is that should be two care workers present while moving a care seeker to do their daily routine activities and this is to ensure safety of the care seeker. It is important because it results into safety of both the employees and the care seeker. The important reasons explaining the need for working as agreed with the employer are:

Better delivery of care services

Better delivery of care services is possible by way of following the process explained by the employer. It is important for the care workers to follow the established procedure in providing care treatment. The standards and procedures are laid down by employers to be followed by employees. A positive approach therefore leads to better delivery of care assistance with maximum satisfaction.

Fulfilling compliance requirements

Employer has significant expectation from the care worker in their process of providing care services. Employer expects each and every care worker to follow the standard practices in order to achieve better compliance. As for example, a care worker is required to ensure complete safety, respect, communication, and privacy and by way of following the agreed ways of working, they can achieve maximum compliance in all these areas. This ultimately leads to better client satisfaction and delivery of care assistance.

Reduction in workplace accidents

Workplace injuries and accidents plays a major role in the overall delivery of quality services. A service can be considered as effective when there are minimum injuries and accidents. The scope of injuries and accident are highly minimal in case of care work because of the nature of such services. With agreed ways of working, it is crucial for the care worker to follow the standards and procedures as laid down by the employer. This ultimately helps in achieving reduction over the injuries and accident, and provides better opportunity in delivering quality care.

Overall there are significant benefits and advantages available to both the employer and the employee, by way of following the agreed ways of working with the employer. Care worker can ensure higher level of efficiency in performing their roles and activities by following the instructions as provided by their employer. For further assistance, Student Life Saviour experts in UK can provide good understanding about benefits of agreed ways of working.

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