1.2a: Describe your employment rights and responsibilities as a care worker

Employees also have certain expectations from their employer. They expect to get paid on time and good working condition that is free from any kind of hazardous condition. A good treatment is expected from the employer by each and every employee, and this is expected by a care worker as well. As a care worker, there are certain rights and responsibilities that they can expect from their employer. Their rights and responsibilities across different domain areas are discussed as follows:

Health and Safety

It is the right of a care worker to get proper working condition that ensures safety of their health condition. The care worker has the right to know about the health and safety in the working condition they are expected to work on. They can also participate in decisions that can have an impact on their health and safety related matters. It is the responsibility of employer to make sure that care worker get a proper working condition that is sound and safe. The working environment should not pose any major threat in the process of providing care services to the patient. Employee therefore has the right to refuse working in condition that can directly affect their health and safety.


With respect to confidentiality, the care worker has the right to expect privacy of their data by their employer. It is the responsibility of employer to safeguard and protect the privacy of their worker by way of managing the data properly. The employer should not utilise the data about the care workers for their personal benefit such as selling their data to marketing companies. This implies that it is not only the care workers that need to maintain privacy with respect to clients’ data, but the employer is also required to maintain sufficient confidentiality and privacy with regards to the care workers employed.

Working Time

The care workers should not be bound or forced to work overtime, and it is the responsibility of employer to specify the working hours as applicable to an employee during a week. Care workers also have the right to request for flexible working and also the right to take unpaid time off during emergency without affecting their employment.

Pay and Wages

It is the right of care worker to get paid for the work they do. They are therefore expected to get paid as per National living wage policy applicable in the country. Care workers can also request for payment in case when the employer fails to provide any work, and the care worker is available for work. In such a situation, the care worker has the right to get paid their pay as agreed with the employer.

These are some of the important employment rights and responsibilities available to care worker. For further assistance in relation to care workers employment rights and responsibilities, contact the expert of student life Saviour for assignment help in UK.


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