1.1d: How attitudes and beliefs have affected the way you work as a care worker

Being self aware is important from the point of view of care workers providing care. Self awareness is crucial especially for caregivers because it enables them to become more empathetic about their client’s feeling. It also helps in gaining emotional intelligence that is required in providing quality care. Having good self awareness ability allows the caregiver to recognise the cues in the environment and thereby react accordingly in providing quality care. The development of self awareness is therefore considered as an important skill essential in the process of becoming a competent care worker. An example explaining my positive and negative experiences in relation to my self-awareness in the process of providing care to patients is provided below.

Positive and negative experience reflecting my self-awareness in providing care

One such positive experience reflecting self awareness is when one of my patients was struggling to carry out daily routine task. This is mainly because of pain which restricts from moving from one place to another. I helped the patient to move to the desired location and its my self-awareness that helped me in assisting my client. A negative experience in this relation is when the health condition of one of my patient deteriorated because of not taking medicine on time. Although it was provided on time, but the patient forget to take it and leads to medical emergency. I have tried to make sure that patients should take medicine immediately thereafter, in order to avoid such situation. An example of my positive attitude is when one of my clients was completely disturbed and an interaction with me has resulted into a positive swing in his mood and ultimately made me feel happy.

Role and implication of attitude and beliefs in care work

Implication of attitude and belief is significant in case of care work, because it is mainly the attitude that makes a difference in how you make your patients feel. A positive attitude can help patient feel that they are being cared for with compassion. It is the attitude of a care worker that helps them in maintaining cordiality between their co-workers and also help in restricting them from mixing their personal matters with professional. Belief on the other hand is also crucial in case of care practice, as it helps in delivering quality care by way of allowing them to take correct decision to deal with client’s problem. My personal belief therefore is to remain humble and understand the problems faced by care seeker in order to make their experience better.

My attitude and belief therefore affected my way of working as a care worker to a significant extent, and I believe that it has provided me a better way of understanding my client and in providing them customised care as per their requirement. For further assistance in attitude and beliefs in care work, contact Student Life Saviour UK experts.


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