1.1c: Examples of agreed ways of working with employer

Agreed ways of working can be define as a process which requires employees to work in accordance with the expectations of their employer. The policies and procedures as framed by the employer need to be followed in order to ensure compliance as per agreed ways of working. Agreed ways of working has its implication on health and social care role, as the employee are required to follow the safety procedures related to health and safety as prescribed by employer. It is important to work as per agreed ways of working with employer because it can lead to delivery of better care services. An agreed ways of working generally promotes safety and welfare, fair treatment approach while providing care and it ultimately promote equality and diversity. Agreed ways of working is also beneficial, as it encourages participation and thereby leads to better development of support network and quality care. On the contrary, not following the agreed ways of working could result into harm to yourself or others. Examples therefore include following care plan in order to ensure safety and welfare of people, encouraging participation to support the care needs, and giving proper and fair treatment to promote equality and diversity. Some of the important examples of agreed ways of working are discussed as follows:

Following safety procedures

Achieving client safety is one of the most important prerequisite in case of care work, and employers normally have safety procedures that need to be applied while assisting patient. As for example, there may me procedures of handling food items as explained by employer in order to avoid any kind of contamination, and it is the responsibility of care worker to observe the procedures in order to comply with agreed ways of working.

Maintaining positive relationships with colleagues

There are also specific policies and procedures as laid down by employer in relation to maintaining relationship with colleagues. A care worker is required to work with different colleagues including managers, advocates and friends, and a harmonious relationship is essential between all the workers to provide good care support to client. An agreed ways of working would be to follow the specific policies as provided by employer that encourages collaborative and harmonious relationship with all other colleagues.

Maintaining confidentiality

A care worker is required to observe confidentiality in the process of delivering care support to client. All the information related to client should be kept confidential and it is the responsibility of the care worker to handle information of client carefully. Employers can specify procedures with respect to handling information of client, and it is the responsibility of the care worker to work in accordance with the policies specified.

Agreed ways of working therefore implies that a care worker is required to work in accordance with the instructions given by the employer. This helps in delivering quality care and in maintaining good relationship with everyone associated in the process. Contact Student Life Saviour UK experts for further assistance on agreed ways of working.

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