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Human Resource Management 3B Performance & Reward Management Systems (HHRM332-1)

Question 1.1 (31 marks) A recently established company has four departments: Human resources, production, marketing and purchasing. The top management believes an organisation without a quality department is tantamount to failure. Assume you are one of the candidates shortlisted to attend an interview to occupy the position in the quality department. Your task is to convince the top management that you are the most suitable […]

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Human Resource Management 1 (HHRM100-1) Assignment Answers

Question 1: Now more than ever, the field of HRM needs to consider employee wellness as increasing numbers of employees suffer from burnout. Burnout has been associated with impaired job performance, employee turnover, high absenteeism and mental health struggles like anxiety and depression or physical symptoms like headaches, fatigue, and irritability. These symptoms can impact on relationships outside of the work environment such as marital […]

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HRD 127V Human Resource Development Answers

Question 1 The modern business environment is characterised by uncertainty and rapid change from external and internal forces that might challenge organisational success and survival within the disruptive nature of the information and knowledge era. Hence organisations’ systems, processes and procedures have to keep up with the dynamic business environment. • Assuming the role of an HRD practitioner, discuss and explain to your management team […]

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