Question 1.1 (31 marks)

A recently established company has four departments: Human resources, production, marketing and purchasing. The top management believes an organisation without a quality department is tantamount to failure. Assume you are one of the candidates shortlisted to attend an interview to occupy the position in the quality department. Your task is to convince the top management that you are the most suitable candidate by laying out the roles that you would undertake. (2×8= 16 marks)
Question 1.2

Read the job advertisement below and answer the question that follows.

G – West Engineering

Quality Manager Job Description

We are looking for highly diligent candidates with excellent attention to detail for the quality manager role. Quality managers are responsible for monitoring and evaluating internal production processes, examining products to determine their quality, engaging with customers, and gathering product feedback, among other duties.
Quality Manager Responsibilities:

Developing quality control processes.

Designing product specifications.

Ensuring products are designed with adherence to legal and safety standards.

Supervising staff and monitoring production standards.

Examining the quality of raw materials that are used in production.

Monitoring and evaluating internal production processes.

Evaluating the final output of products to determine their quality.


Degree in business administration or relevant field.


Deming codifies his view on how organisations work into his system of profound knowledge. The system of profound knowledge comprises four components through which the world is looked at simultaneously. These components function as lenses through which we see; all four are related. Based on the job advert above, knowledge of psychology is a requirement for the position. Critically discuss how a strong background in psychology can be an asset for quality managers and examine the challenges of employing candidates without a psychology background. (15 marks)
Question 2. (27 marks)

Assume you have been consulted to provide your services by a Bank that has been losing market share since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The top management team is keen to understand the level of customer satisfaction. You are tasked to design a customer satisfaction survey incorporating the following: a 5- point Likert scale with ten (10) questions and a key. (12 marks)
XYZ Corporation is a global telecommunications company providing a wide range of services to individual consumers and businesses. Over the years, XYZ Corporation has conducted regular customer satisfaction surveys to gauge the level of satisfaction among its customer base. However, despite their efforts, the company has noticed that many surveys have not yielded the desired outcomes or actionable insights.
Based on the case above, proffer to XYZ Corporation’s top management team the likely reasons behind the failure of customer satisfaction survey efforts. (15 marks)
Question 3 (15 marks)

Just over one hundred years ago, Frederick Taylor published Principles of Scientific Management, which forever changed how organisations view their workers and their organisation. At the time of Taylor’s publication, managers believed workers were lazy and worked slowly and inefficiently to protect their jobs. He further stated that it divides the work between management and labour so that management can plan and train, and workers can execute the task efficiently. The management takes over the thinking or the planning aspect. A worker has to carry out his work strictly in accordance with the plan. In a nutshell, scientific management reduces workers to the status of a machine by separating the function of thinking from them.


Contrary to Taylor’s thinking, contemporary business leaders believe that employees are an enduring asset and a source of competitive advantage. Based on this sentiment, articulate how such organisations promote employee participation and involvement in decision-making and provide the benefits of employee participation and involvement and the reasons for implementing employee suggestion systems.

Question 4 (27 marks)

The table below shows how long it takes in minutes for each of the ten (10) Treasure Islands Management Services employees to resolve customer complaints.

Employee Name Number of minutes
Anna 8
Bernard 6
Cecilia 14
Dickson 12
Edmore 15
Freeman 16
George 12
Hilary 17
Ivan 13
Janine 19

Calculate the following Basic Statistical Measures: mean, median, mode, range, sample variance and standard deviation. Provide a description of each measure and show the formulas used to calculate the measures. [22 marks]
• Mean (5 marks)

• Median (5 marks)

• Mode (2 marks)

• Range (3 marks)

• Sample variance (4 marks)

• Standard deviation (3 marks)

Outline the steps involved in conducting hypothesis testing. (5 marks)

Answers to Above Questions on HRM

Answer 1: As a part of working in the quality department, it is important to focus on quality aspects that can be possible to achieve within the organisation in order to ensure its success. Being a quality manager, I would focus on improving the quality of product and services to meet the Expectations of the customers. In addition to this, I would also emphasize on implementing a quality system that can help meet out this specific standard to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.


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