Question 1
The modern business environment is characterised by uncertainty and rapid change from external and internal forces that might challenge organisational success and survival within the disruptive nature of the information and knowledge era. Hence organisations’ systems, processes and procedures have to keep up with the dynamic business environment.
• Assuming the role of an HRD practitioner, discuss and explain to your management team the relationship between HRD and HRM and motivate the relevance of each concept in a learning organisation. [15 Marks] 1 page

Question 2
Your class was invited to attend a National human resource development conference that was also attended by students from various universities. During one of the sessions, a question was asked about the relevance of international trends in HRD in the South African context. Unfortunately, no clear answer was provided, which resulted in a debate around the topic. Provide professional advice to the audience:
• Using five international trends of your choice, discuss the influence of these trends on South African public sector organisations. (Motivate your answer)
[30 Marks] 2 – 3 pages

Question 3
You are the supervisor of a group of employees whose task is to assemble disk drives that go into computers. You find that quality is not what it should be and that many of your group’s devices have to be brought back and reworked. Your boss says, “ You’d better start doing a better job in training your workers”.
• Analyse the types of learning and recommend the learning type that can be appropriate to address the problem around disc production. [25 Marks] 2 – 3 pages

Answers to Above Questions

Answer 1: Human resource management is an important function in an organisation and one of the important roles of human resource manager is human resource development. Human resource development is all about helping employees to develop their skills and abilities, knowledge and understanding about organisational processes to perform in a better way. This implies that there is a positive relationship between HRM and HRD, as both go hand in hand to ensure overall organisation success. The human resource managers are responsible for developing human resources in a way that can perform better in this disruptive nature of information and knowledge era.


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