Question 1 (100 marks)

Read the following excerpt and then answer the questions that follow:

Policy analysis refers to the process through which policy solutions to public problems are identified, analysed and presented to policymakers for consideration. Policy analysis involves conducting data analysis to inform and support decisions based on the technical aspects of an issue. It includes identifying the need for a policy, assessing the pros and cons of current policy language, identifying new or revised policy approaches, identifying opportunities for advocacy and monitoring policy implementation. Policy analysis is an important area of expertise for researchers, officials who formulate or evaluate policy implementation, socio-economic advocates, investigative journalists and other policy stakeholders.


With reference to the public policy you have chosen, and using relevant examples, discuss what is meant by the following statement:

“Policy analysis is finding out what governments do, why they do it and what difference – if any – it makes”. (25)

Discuss how policy analysis and evaluation together form the final step in the policy process and are used to determine the value and usefulness of such a policy. Provide examples to substantiate your discussion. (25)

Discuss the essence of empirical policy analysis in emerging economies. Provide relevant examples to support your answer. (25)

In your opinion, which type of policy analysis is ideal for the South African context? Justify your answer. (25)

Answer to Above Questions on Policy Analysis

Answer 1: The role and implication of policy analysis and evaluation is significant in the overall development of a policy process. The main focus of analysis in this paper is on evaluating the ways in which policy analysis and evaluation works together to determine the value and usefulness of policies.


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