Question 1 (35 marks)

To prepare for your professional life, you need to reflect on how to effectively build your career. The media has recently been shining the spotlight on leaders of all ages and walks of life.

Research the topic of leadership further (using a minimum of three other sources) and compile a detailed five-year personal development plan (PDP) which would be applicable to your career and future life. Your plan should be no longer than one page and can be completed according to a structured template of your choice. Consider your own capacity for self- leadership. (5)

Review your PDP. Identify and explain the three cognitive-focused strategies you consider important for self-leadership. Provide your own examples for each, with reference to what you have indicated in your plan. (12)

Describe and discuss the four approaches to ethical decision-making and their impact on self-leadership effectiveness. (12)

Reflect on your PDP. Select ANY three of the five areas identified by Salovey’s basic definition of emotional intelligence in van Zyl (2015:227). Analyse the importance of emotional intelligence for self- development for each. (6)

Question 1 (30 marks)

Search at least three academic websites for studies on the difference between leadership and management before completing this section of your assignment.

Based on this background of knowledge, interview the owner or operations manager of your organisation, or an entrepreneurship/SMME organisation of your choice, to assist you in answering the questions below. Note that the relevant person should be involved in the management and leadership of the organisation.

Based on your engagement with the relevant person, write an essay (of no more than 2 500 words) on the importance of leadership in 2023.

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Answer 1: Cognitive strategies are mainly associated with mental processes that are implemented with the purpose of regulating thought processes in order to solve problems. Based on my personal development plan, the three cognitive focused strategies I would consider important for my self leadership are summarising meaning, elaboration and reflection.


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