Question 1 [64]
(First, read through the relevant sections in the prescribed textbook and the discussions in the study guide, then provide your own understanding of the theory for each question.)


Leadership vs Management: Understanding The Key Difference
A few years ago, leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators created companies, whereas managers were hired to run their operations. But nowadays, you will notice that our educational system is mostly geared towards business management education. Also, there is a perceptual change that treats both management and leadership as the same, which is not a mere reality. So, in this leadership vs management article, we will dig deep into the differences between leadership and management.

Access the article “Leadership vs Management: Understanding the key difference”. Compare management and leadership as discussed in the article and the discussion of management and leadership as found in Smit et al. (2020).
Your discussion must include the following:
A brief introduction: defining leadership and management showing your understanding of the two concepts. (4)
Guidance: Formulate your own definitions.
A discussion on leadership and management with specific reference to the “The Three Important Differences between a Manager and a Leader” as found in the article. Compare the information in the article with the theory discussed in Smit et al. (2020).

Question 2 [12]
The business or management environment comprises different environments. Managers need to understand these environments and sub-environments to ensure that decisions made reflect changes that may be encountered.
Depict the composition of the management environment by drawing a diagram reflecting the different environments it composes of.

Question 3

It’s a wrap: how the EFF’s #NationalShutdown played out
The much-anticipated national shutdown headed by the EFF began early on Monday with the intention of disrupting the country through protests against the electricity crisis and to call for President Cyril Ramaphosa to step down and the high level of unemployment to be addressed.
Source: “It’s a wrap: how the EFF’s #NationalShutdown played out”. Times live. 20 March 2023

Managers in law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are expected to make decisions on the spur of the moment. During the recent planned “national shutdown” of the EFF (20 March 2023), to protest against load shedding in South Africa, the management of the different LEAs had to plan strategically for the event. This entailed the making of decisions to secure the safety of human life and property.
Taking the “national shutdown” into consideration, use the decision-making process to think through the problem. Explain the decision-making process to make an optimal decision on how to address possible unrest at your precinct. Link your discussion to the extract. Marks will be allocated for the practical application to the decision-making process only.
Guidance: Marks will be allocated for the practical application of the identified problem. Two
(2) marks will be allocated for the practical application per decision-making stage.

Question 4 [10]
Members of Law Enforcement agencies are exposed to conflict situations on a daily bases. The conflict can emanate from conflict between colleagues or conflict situations within the community. It is the responsibility of members to manage the conflict.
Identify a conflict situation in your work environment. Use the identified conflict situation and discuss any five (5) techniques that you can use to manage the conflict. Motivate your answer with practical examples that link your discussion with the identified conflict situation.
Guidance: Discuss any five (5) techniques to manage conflict. One (1) mark for the theoretical discussion of each technique One (1) mark for the practical application of each technique

Answers to Above Questions on Leadership and Management

Answer 1: An analysis of the two important concepts of leadership and management indicates that they are highly relevant concepts in modern day businesses, and they have a high level of activity as well. Leadership is all about influencing and inspiring others towards achieving a common goal whereas management is all about applying the process of planning, organising and controlling with the purpose of achieving specific objectives. This implies that the focus of leadership is on motivation and direction whereas management emphasizes on achieving specific objectives through focused approach.


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