Question 1:

Cisco Learning Credits

The Cisco Learning Credits program simplifies training procurement and is can be used as a method of payment for Torque IT’s authorized Cisco training solutions. Cisco Learning Credits can be leveraged to budget for, and purchase, Cisco training at the time whn you invest in your Cisco hardware, software or support services.
Cisco Learning Credits can be leveraged to reduce the administrtive overhead associated with managing multiple purchase orders and expense reimbursements relating to the procurement of training on an ad hoc basis.

Purchasing Cisco Learning Credits

Customers order Learning Credits in the same way as they do Cisco hardware, software, and other services either through a direct relationship with Cisco, a Cisco 1-Tier partner or through a Cisco Distributor.

Each Cisco Learning Credit is valued at US$100 and expres one year from the date of activation on the Cisco Learning Credits Management Tool.

Cisco Learning Credits are sold in packs of 10, 100, 500, and 1500 credits. Credits may be purchased as a standalone item or included in another rder for hardware, software, or services:

A unique Cisco Sales order number is assigned to each Credit pack purchase. The Cisco Sales Order number (SO#) is required when registering for authorized training at Torque IT and we will gladly guide and assist you in this regard. See odwa for details.

1. Type the above exactly as it appears using the word processing application and the file should be named Torque IT.docx (2)

2. Change the orientation of the whole document to portrait. (2)
3. Change the paper size for printing from statement to A4 (2)

4. Enter today’s date above the text Cisco Learning credits. (2)

5. Justify the text in the paragraph beginning Customers order… (2)
6. Centre align the text Cisco Learning credits. (2)

7. Indent the agenda items from Customers order… to Management Tool… by 2 cm from the left margin (3)

8. Apply bullets to the list from Customers order… to Management Tool… (3)

9. Apply double line spacing to the bullet points from Customers order… to Management Tool…
10. Set and apply a left tab of 2.5 cm to the text beginning Customers order… (3)

11. Apply superscript to the text See Odwa for details (2)

12. Apply a 3pt box border and a shading of your choice to the text Cisco Learning Credits (2)

13. Insert 3 following ֎⸿☺symbols from the wingdings symbols font under the text Cisco Learning Credits (3)

14. Apply a font colour of your choice to the symbols (2)

15. Insert a 2 column, 5 row table below another order for hardware, software, or services: (3)



Credits Value
TRN-CLC000 10







16. Insert a new column on the right of Credits Value. Add the heading Fares to the new column and insert the duration as shown below.

$1,000 USD
$10,000 USD
$50,000 USD
$150,000 USD

17. Delete the blank row in the table (1)

18. Add shading of your choice to the first row of the table containing the headings Part Number, Credits Value, Fares. (3)

19. Replace all occurrences of the word cisco with torque it (2)

20. Use a spell-check program and make changes if necessary. Proper names or place names are not included in this spell checking and may be ignored. (2)

21. Enter your candidate identification number in the left hand side of the header of the document (4)
Question 2:


Thomas is a high-school teacher who teaches a small class of 15 learners. Some of Thomas’s learners have physical challenges that would make it difficult for them to interact with a traditional computer. Thomas therefore has to think of what types of extra input and output devices he will need to make this class project work.

What are input devices? (4)

What are the 2 categories of input devices? (4)

Give 3 examples for one category in Input devices. (6)

Name two input devices that Thomas can use for a learner who cannot use their hands. (4)

List two output devices that Thomas’s learners can use for their class projects. Also mention what equipment Thomas would need to connect each of these devices to a computer. (6)

Explain one way in which physically challenged learners can benefit from OCR technology. Also mention what type of input and output device will be used.
NOTE: Mention the benefit and the related physical challenge. (8)

Thomas needs to order a printer. He wants to use it to print out pictures of his class and the best class projects.

a) What kind of printer should he order? (2)

b) What specifications should he look for to get good quality prints? (6)

Answers to Above Questions on Information Technology Systems

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