MW Africa: Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) – Technical Skills Certificate Programme

 MW Africa is an innovative textile manufacturing organisation operating in Namibia. The company’s 65 employees manufacture window-covering, filtration composite and energy-related fabrics that are sold to manufacturers and wholesalers. MW Africa deals with integrated textile mills and attributes its success to its ability to respond effectively to market changes in the design, testing and production of new textiles and products. This kind of flexibility is an essential survival prerequisite for the textile industry which has for many years struggled against wind gusts of adversity – technological change, highly competitive global market conditions, and unfavourable currency rates

Question 1: 

There are several reasons for evaluating training programmes to determine if they should be continued or dropped, learn how they can be improved, justify the training budget, ensure learning compliance, maximise the value of training and align training with strategy. Discuss Kirkpatrick’s four (4) levels of evaluation in your own words.

Question 2:

You are appointed as the first HRD manager responsible for quality management in your organisation or any organisation of your choice. The other HRD managers are responsible for the design, outsourcing and management of HRD interventions. Your primary role is quality assurance of all HRD interventions from both a business and legal perspective. Synthesise your knowledge of HRD quality management by discussing your role as a manager responsible for HRD quality management. Provide an introduction and a conclusion in your answer. (10)

Question 3: 

HRD professionals are likely to engage in a number of different approaches to business and quality management when they initiate a process of business improvement. Consider your organisation or any organisation of your choice and discuss Six Sigma in implementing quality management for the HRD department in that organisation. (15) [25]

Answers to Above Questions

Answer 1: Evaluation of the training program is essential in order to enhance its effectiveness. There are different models available in order to evaluate the effectiveness of a training program. One such model is known as the KirkPatrick model and it is a globally recognised method of evaluating the results of training and learning programs. There are four levels in this model and this include reaction, learning, behaviour and results. An analysis of all the four levels of evaluation of Kirkpatrick model is performed as follows:

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