Your friend, Boitumelo, asked you to train her on how to put together a portfolio of evidence that she wants to use in her application for a job of her choice.

NB: You can use any practical or physical skill.

Section A: Practical exercise

I. Select a practical skill that you possess and then consider and write down the steps that need to be followed to do this correctly.
II. Practise with someone to go through the steps that need to be followed, exactly as you have written it down.
III. Revise the steps and the wording until you are happy that the steps have been listed in the correct order.
IV. Use your final version to teach someone the practical skill and produce a video recording to submit, as proof of your capability. Video size should not exceed 2Gb.

Upload instructions will be send on a separate instruction page. (16 marks)

Section B: Questions

1. What did you learn from this exercise with regards to the fundamental requirements for good learning design practices? Make sure to integrate your examples with the theory.
(10 marks)

2. Recommend how you would implement the six elements of a master project plan. Give applicable examples on how you would apply each of these elements. (12 marks)

3. Critically evaluate your process of selecting the HRD intervention you would apply in training Boitumelo as if it was an OD intervention. (10 marks)

4. How might this impact how you conduct on-the-job training (OJT)? Refer to the following as you present this answer:

4.1 Indicate what strengths and weaknesses of OJT you experienced with this exercise and provide applicable examples. (12 marks)
4.2 Indicate how the different strengths and weaknesses of the training have impacted the execution of the practical exercise. (10 marks)

5. Develop a learning-programme strategy for the practical exercise above. (10 marks)

Answers to Above Questions on Human Resource Development

Answer 1: In putting together a Portfolio of evidence, it is important to have necessary practical skills that help in setting up the portfolio. In the given case scenario, the practical skills that I will be teaching to Boitumelo that she can utilise in her application for a job of her choice is body language that needs to be postured while appearing for an interview.

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