1.1 Evaluate the significance of capitalism in relation to business ethics. (12)

1.2 Describe the Relativist argument as a source of ethics. (13) QUESTION TWO [15] Discuss the effects of technology and business ethics.

3.1 Describe the benefits of having a code of ethics in business. (10)

3.2 Distinguish between the terms ethics, norms and values. (15)


4.1 Discuss the concern for businesses around the issue of sustainability. (10)

4.2 Analyse the manner in which organisations can combat bribery. (10)

Virtues of a good business person need not be altogether different from those of any good person; but one must not overlook the fact that business faces situations that are peculiar to business and need certain business-related traits. With reference to this statement, evaluate the effects of virtue ethics on business.

Answers to Above Questions on Business Ethics

Answer 1: The importance of capitalism in business ethics is massive, as it helps in promoting economic efficiency, wealth creation, individual freedom and entrepreneurship. There are certain challenges as well as posed by capitalism to business ethics in the form of market failures, regulation and corporate social responsibility.

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