Explain the advantages and disadvantages of using emails as a mode of communication within an organisation. (6)
List and discuss any three (3) barriers to communication that may have affected the email communication sent in the image above (9)
Elaborate on ways in which barriers of communication identified in 1.2 can be avoided. (10)

Total word count must not exceed 700 words for the question above.

1. There is one question with sub questions in this assignment.
2. Make sure that you have carefully read and fully understood the questions before answering them. Answer the questions fully but concisely and as directly as possible. Follow all specific instructions for individual questions (e.g. “list”, “in point form”).
3. Answer all questions in your own words. Do not copy any text from the notes, readings, or other sources. The assignment must be your own work only.
4. Follow the word count at the end of each question.

Answers to Above Questions on Business Communication

Answer 1: Email is an important way of performing communication especially in organisations. There are significant advantages as well as disadvantages associated in using email in performing communication. The most important advantage includes cost efficiency in using email as a communication medium, record keeping as records can be kept for longer duration, and it also provides a significant amount of flexibility as email can be sent from anywhere to anyone. However when it comes to disadvantages, the main disadvantage is that the email might get unnoticed by the receiver, and their chances of miss-communication as well in utilising email as the mode of communication. Information overload is also a major problem especially because of the high level of spam emails, and the email might get missed by the receiver.

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