1.3c: State the four main working relationships in health and social care

Relationships are crucial from the point of view of achieving efficiency in workplace. The role of having good relationship is crucial especially in case of health care settings because of nature of services offered by care providers. They are required to maintain good relationship between workers in order to facilitate great quality of care to patients. Working relationship is defined as the relationship between workers at the workplace. Healthcare and social care professional workers are required to work as a part of a team in order to facilitate great quality of care to present. As a part of working as a team, they are often required to work with different agencies and individuals to ensure best care services to patients. Being able to develop working relationship is considered as an essential skill for a professional care worker. The four important working relationships that are evident in case of a health and social care are discussed below.

Individuals and their friends and families

Working with individuals and families is a crucial part of delivering quality care to patients. Individuals can provide support in a number of ways such as providing food to them in social care or health setting. Further, the care provider are also required to deliver person-centred care and to achieve effectiveness in the delivery of person centred care there are required to work with families and friends for better assistance. It is therefore important for the carers to maintain good relationship with individuals and their friends and families with the objective of achieving the ultimate goal of quality care to patient.

Your colleagues and managers

The role of workers working together with care provider should not be underestimated because they provide regular assistance in the form of providing useful information about the careseeker. This is mainly because they are in regular touch with the patient and knows better about their regular habits and issues. They can therefore provide significant information to the care assistance in providing best assistance in the form of right treatment on time. There is a requirement of mutual respect in case of all types of relationship and it is therefore important to maintain such mutual understanding between all the workers to get best assistance. Apart from colleagues, the managers also play an important role in providing best quality care. They help in a number of ways such as a guiding the caregiver about the applicable rules and regulations in ensuring their best compliance while delivering care to the patient.

People from other workplaces including advocates

Establishing relationship with people from other workplaces and advocate is significant because it helps bringing together separate organisations so that they can benefit from pooled expertise, resources and power sharing. The main purpose of establishing such partnership with separate organisation is to enhance the efficiency and quality of service provision. The major benefit is in terms of sharing of resources because delivering care requires access to great amount of tools and resources and this can be positively accomplished by way of establishing relationship with separate organisations.

Volunteers and community groups

The role and implication of volunteers and community groups is significant in enhancing the overall quality of care in a society. The partnership with politics is significant in the sense that they help in a number of ways in providing quality care surges help in transporting patient, performing clerical duties, socializing with patients and visitors and a number of ways. It is therefore crucial to establish relationship with volunteers and community groups for better assistance to care seeker.

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