1.2e: Explain how you would raise your concerns, or whistleblow and why

Before understanding how I would raise concerns in my organisation, it is important to know the concept of whistleblower. Whistleblowers are those people in an organisation that exposes information or activity that is considered as illegal, immoral or unsafe. It is the responsibility of employees to whistleblow with regards to any unacceptable activities in the organisation. In case of care work, it is highly crucial because it can directly affect the quality of care services to the patient.

I would raise any concern by way of informing directly to the immediate manager, or if it is not appropriate to me, I will follow my employer procedure of whistleblowing. It is important to report any mistake or concerns because it will allow the employer to understand the actual problems faced by employees while providing care to the patient, and ultimately leads to immediate action in order to reduce the overall impact of such concern. It is also important to whistleblow in case of care work because it is directly related to the safety of patient and the care workers. By way of introducing the unethical practices in front of the management, it is possible to create a safety environment for the clients and the employees.

Describe ways in which whistleblowers are protected in the work setting

Since whistleblowers are responsible for introducing information about un-accepted practices in the organisation, it is important to ensure safety of whistleblowers. Whistleblowers can be protected in work setting and for that to happen it is important for the whistleblowers to make a qualifying disclosure. It is important that the disclosure being made should be in the public interest and should protect the stakeholders of the organisation.

Once you have decided to raise a concern what should you do first

Once you have decided to raise a concern, the first thing that you need to do is to immediately speak to your line manager or other management in the organisation. However if you are not confident in doing so, then it is best to follow the whistleblowing policy of the organisation.

List three examples of situations where a concern might be raised

There are many such instances whereby a concern might be raised. As for example, the situation involving unsafe patient care or condition may result in to whistleblowing. This is directly associated with the safety of patient, and crucial to be reported to the senior management. In addition to this, situations involving unsafe working conditions for the care worker, inadequate induction or training to staff, or the instances of bullying towards patients or colleagues. All these are the situations when whistleblowing might take place at the workplace.

It is therefore important to raise concern in the form of whistleblowing because it results into introduction of any wrongdoing in the workplace in front of senior management, and appropriate decision could be possible to stop such activities from taking place in the workplace. Experts of Student Life Saviour UK can be contacted for further assistance in whistleblowing activities.

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