1.2b: Aims, objectives and values of organisation you work in

Aims, objectives and values of an organisation are crucial from the point of view of providing direction towards right path. The aim of an organisation is its overall goal that it seeks to accomplish from its business. The objective and values are the means through which the aim of the organisation is set to be accomplished. The aims, objectives and values of care organisation where I work are indicated below:

Aim of my organisation

The main aim of the organisation where I work in is to provide high standard of care and support to each and every user. The primary goal of care worker is to provide complete care facility to the patient by helping them in all the areas where they need help. My aim is therefore to ensure complete satisfaction within patient by exceeding their expectations from the care support provided by me.

Objectives guiding the achievement of aim in my organisation

The objectives include providing a safe working environment to all employees, to offer unconditional care and allowing each user to experience an environment that encourages mutual respect and trust, to empower users to make choices as per their preferences, to facilitate a person centred approach in maximizing the effectiveness of care, facilitate full participation by including employer and the care seeker, and to ensure smooth communication in enhancing the overall standard of care. All these objectives reflect my approach towards providing care support to my client. Mutual respect and trust is quite crucial in care job profile and I therefore pay adequate attention in providing complete respect and try to accomplish trust among patients with my services. A person centred approach also helps me in contributing positively towards accomplishing the main aim of my organisation which is to ensure high quality of standard care and support to each and every user.

Values as prevalent in my organisation

The activities of my organisation are guided by values such as promoting effective participation, ensuring confidentiality, promoting dignity, encouraging partnership and observing equality and respect. The value of promoting effective participation allows us to include client and consider their viewpoint before providing them care services. This kind of value helps in achieving confidentiality and creates a sense of dignity among patient, as they feel highly valued with such approach. The partnership approach within our values also allows us to work in collaboration with each and every care worker and thereby facilitates us in delivering quality care to the end user. Overall the values as prevalent in my organisation contribute positively in motivating us in delivering quality care, and they ultimately leads to the attainment of organisational goal.

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