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In Budget 2023, against the backdrop of continuing low fertility rates, the Singapore government introduced the latest series of family-friendly measures intended to support prospective and current parents. The package included an expansion of paternity leave, an increase in the Baby Bonus cash gift, and a doubling of unpaid infant care leave.

• Teng, Amelia (2023, February 15), “Budget 2023: $3k more in Baby Bonus, more financial support for children’s early years”, The Straits Times.
Retrieved from: cash-gift-for-new-singaporean-babies-more-financial-support-for-children-s-early- years

In your assigned groups, examine issues related to marriage and parenthood in Singapore, within the context of family support policies.

a) Describe some common family types and what the core functions of a family unit are.

b) Explain, in brief, three common challenges faced by couples in Singapore in their marriage and parenthood journey, and discuss whether the new measures introduced in Budget 2023 would be able to address these challenges.

c) Present a new policy proposal, beyond increases in direct monetary incentives, that the Singapore government could introduce in future Budgets to further address Singapore’s fertility challenge.
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Answer to Above Questions on Low Fertility Rates

Answer a) Family types vary from country to country showing up different social, cultural and demographic factors. In the case of Singapore, there are different family types such as nuclear family, single parents family, childless family, extended family, same sex family etc. Different types of families have different functional responsibilities such as providing emotional support, economic support, assisting in socialization, providing nurturing and care, conflict resolution and many more.


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