Question 1

Choose and review the Performance Management program of a company and highlight its strengths and weaknesses. Propose enhancements to the program so as to improve the accuracy of staff appraisals and its effectiveness in engaging employees in their work. How would elements of rewards be included in the performance management process? (Total of 90 marks)

Grading Rubric for Content answers:

 A: Review the existing Performance Management (PM) program and highlight strengths and weaknesses.  (40 marks) 

Categories Marking notes

Do     not     meet Requirements

Did not properly describe most of the key elements of the existing PM model; proper description of some elements.

No citation given.


Needs Improvement

Described some of the key elements of the PM model (e.g. accuracy, fairness, business alignment & engagement to improve work performance). But the strengths and weakness of analysis was not done well.

Lack citation of relevant cognitive issues and/or engagement/motivation



Meets Requirements

Described most of the key elements of the PM model with a sound analysis of strengths and weakness but not comprehensive or in depth. Lacked mention of employee feedback, best practice.

Some citation given for cognitive or motivation issues.


Exceeds Requirements

Described all key elements of the PM model with sound and in-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses, giving reference to cognitive and

reward/motivation issues. Employee feedback was advocated.


  All relevant citation for cognitive and motivation issues given.

Far              Exceeds Requirements

Described all key elements of the PM model well with a sound and in- depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses. Citation of all relevant cognitive and motivation/reward factors were given. Sound analysis on strength & weakness including employees’ feedback on the current process. Learning from best practice in industry were well cited and justified. Employee feedback was very well advocated and linked to fairness, good coaching-learning events and being well accepted by


Answer to Above Question on Performance Management 

Performance management program is an important way in achieving desired outcomes within an organisation. It is important to manage the performance of each and every employee so that their contribution can be enhanced towards achieving organisational goals. In this relation, the specific organisation selected in order to analyse its performance management program is Singapore Airlines. The analysis focuses on the strength and weaknesses of the performance management program at Singapore Airlines and the ways in which staff appraisals are carried out, and their effectiveness in the overall performance management process of the organisation.

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