Conduct a short literature review of not more than three (3) pages in which you review the relationship between organisational culture with any one of the challenging trends below. 

Select any one of the trends below to research and establish the nature of the relationship between the trend and organisational culture.

  1. Diversity and inclusion
  2. Remote and flexible working
  3. Toxic leadership

The literature review should include:

  • An introduction that explains the focus and purpose of your literature review. In other words provide a brief background of the literature and why it is important to have an understanding of the relationship between organisational culture and the trend you selected.
  • body that contains headings and subheadings that will show the various viewpoints and bring these viewpoints together in an integrated holistic argument.

– Present your arguments according to common themes related to your chosen trend with organisational culture

– Provide insight into the relationship between your chosen topic with organisational culture.

– Narrow down your information from a general, wider view of the literature to the specific focus of your topic.

– Align your review to existing literature. In other words, ensure that all statements are supported by literature and not your own opinion. Make use of in-text citations/referencing to indicate that the statement is supported by other authors.

  •   A conclusion that is not just a summary of the literature but highlights logically the different factors of the relationship between organisational culture and trend. You may also critique the literature reviewed and provide recommendations for future consideration based on the gaps and limitations you have identified.
  • In-text citations and a reference listaccording to the 7th ed APA referencing method. No marks will be awarded for references that were not in the correct 7th ed APA format. A minimum of 10 sources should be used for the literature review.

Answers to Above Questions

Organisational culture is defined as the collection of values, expectations and practices that are useful to all the employees in an organisation in guiding their actions towards achieving organisational goals. Organisational culture has a direct implication with the important ongoing trends such as diversity and inclusion, remote and flexible working, and toxic leadership. In order to analyse the relationship of organisational culture with these trends, the specific trend that is selected for analysis is diversity and inclusion. An analysis of the existing literature indicates that there are studies that show a direct correlation between inclusive diversity culture with that of organisational culture…..


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