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Sociology 3B (HSOC332-1) Assignment Answers

Question 1 There are two ways in which to look at global culture. One is to consider cultural diversity—how cultures of the world vary—to appreciate each for what it offers to enrich people’s experience of the world and understand the world from another person’s point of view. Cultural diversity enriches our experiences within the world and within societies. People have moved foods, clothing, music, and […]

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SOCI5112 Sociology Assignment Answers

Question 1 (Marks: 40) Q.1.1 In a short paragraph (approximately 400-500 words), explain the roles of various institutions in understanding the relationship between education and sociology. Make use of real-life examples (not cited in the textbook) to highlight this relationship. Please remember to reference your answers as appropriate. (20) Q.1.2 Explain (in approximately 400 – 500 words) the challenges faced by the education system. Use an […]

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Sociology of Work Assignment Answers – University of Witwatersrand

Select one or more sectors (e.g. mining, banking, transport, education, health, agriculture, informal economy, share economy etc.) in South Africa or any country of your choice. Critically discuss how work has changed in this sector(s) since the transition to industrial capitalism to the post-apartheid period.How has the COVID-19 pandemic influenced how work is organized and the quality of working life in this sector? Your discussion […]

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