Select one or more sectors (e.g. mining, banking, transport, education, health, agriculture, informal economy, share economy etc.) in South Africa or any country of your choice. Critically discuss how work has changed in this sector(s) since the transition to industrial capitalism to the post-apartheid period.How has the COVID-19 pandemic influenced how work is organized and the quality of working life in this sector?

Your discussion must amongst others critically reflect on the changes in the forms of command, control and subjectivity (i.e. changes to the regimes of control and resistance in the sector). Your discussion must engage and evaluate the usefulness of the theories/theoretical perspectives covered in the course in shedding light on how we should understand these changes of work (e.g.E.P Thompson, Marx, Scientific Management (Taylorism), Braverman, Burawoy, affective and emotional labour, gender, race, sexuality and work, precarious work and workers, newer trends of work and work in the share economy and the future of work and society etc). You are not expected to discuss all the mentioned theoriesbut it is expected that you will draw on those that relate to the sector(s) selected and use them as critical lens to unpack how work has changed.

As a general guideline, the essay is expected to be about 3500 words (10-12 pages) double spaced times new roman.

Answers to the Above Question on Sociology 

The role and implication of the external environment is significant on the performance of any business in an industry. Since the transition to industrial capitalism to the post apartheid period, there are significant changes identified with respect to the ways in which business processes and activities are carried out. The impact of covid-19 is also significant on businesses across different industries, and it has changed the ways in which business activities and processes were carried out earlier. In order to analyse the impact of industrial capitalism and covid 19, the specific business sector that is selected is the Airline industry. The specific airline operator selected for analysis is South African Airways, and the analysis focuses on the ways in which covid has influenced the work processes and the quality of working life in this sector……..

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