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MPU3193/03 Philosophy and Current Issues Answers

Under the National Education Philosophy, education in Malaysia is defined as an on-going effort to develop the potential of individuals in a holistic and integrated manner. Answer the following questions related to the NEP. a) Discuss the four (4) aspects of NEP. Provide an example for each aspect. b) In your opinion, has the NEP achieved its aim in building a balanced nation through the […]

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MPU3193/03 Philosophy and Current Issues Assignment Answers

Holding elections is one of the decolonisation processes that allows colonies to be independent and rule on their own. After 64 years of being an independent country, do you think that Malaysia is free from the influence of Western colonisation? Provide three (3) examples to support your Explain the philosophy of Sejahtera and the elements in this philosophy that are introduced to Malaysian citizens; Describe […]

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