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ENGL6122/w English 1B – Introduction to English Studies Assignment Answers

Question 1a 60 Marks Examine the scene from The Great Gatsby film where Nick attends Tom and Myrtle’s party. This scene is available on the YouTube link below. Then answer the essay question that follows. • Write an essay (1200 – 1500 words) critically discussing the ways in which all three premises of auteur theory are applied in the above scene. In your answer, […]

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ENED 6122 – English for Education 1 Assignment Answers

Question 1 (Marks: 10) English, as a language, has evolved by crossing continents, intersecting cultures, through colonisation and through invasions, picking up pieces of other languages along the way and changing with its diaspora across the globe. Its history is complex, to say the least. Q.1.1 Anglo‐Norman French was used in England after the Norman Conquest and remained the language of the English nobility for […]

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ENED6122 – English for Education Assignment Answers

Question (Marks: 100) Nokugcina (Gcina) Elsie Mhlophe, born on 24 October 1959, established herself as a multi-talented multilingual actor and activist, poet and playwright, composer and director, infusing storytelling with poetry. An ardent campaigner for literacy, Mhlophe’s endeavours in this regard have been recognised with honorary doctorates from the Universities of London, KwaZulu Natal, Pretoria and Fort Hare. One of her most famous works of […]

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English 1B: Introduction to English Studies Assignment Answers

Question 1: The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories “…Carter shows an acute awareness of the changes that result from an oral to a written transposition and calls attention to them by heightening the intertextuality of her narratives, making them into allegories that explore how sexual behaviour and gender roles are not universal, but are, like other forms of social interaction, culturally determined … I wish […]

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