Question 1

1. From your reading of the passage, what does the term ‘Google-Fu’ refer to? (2)

2. Read the sentence below and answer the questions that follow:

‘Jana’s experience is not unique- at some point, most of us who ‘surf’ the World Wide Web or an online database for information have experienced that frustrating sense of defeat’ (p 94).

i) What does the word ‘surf’ mean in the context in which it is used in the above sentence?
ii) What part of speech is the word ‘surf’? (1)

3. In your own words, explain the difference between the internet and the World Wide Web. (4)

4. List the three steps in the ‘three-step approach’ to finding relevant phrases. (3) (Refer to 5.4.1, Developing search phrases)

5. What does the author mean by the statement ‘When you conduct a Google-search, the results that are returned on the first page are like the tip of an iceberg, whose greater mass is hidden underwater’? (Refer to 5.1). (2)

6. With reference to the text, briefly discuss why online search engines are important? (3)

7. Choose the correct option from the words in brackets:

i. We use a metaphor related to various martial arts (practises/ practices). (1)
ii. You will be provided with a step-by-step approach to selecting credible (sauces/sources) from your returned results so that you can use them (farther/further) in your studies. (2)

Question 2

Provide the synonyms of the following words.

1. Browse

2. Database

3. Iceberg

4. Mass

5. Source

Question 3

(5 marks)

Identify the following punctuation marks and explain how you use them in a sentence.


a) An apostrophe
b) An apostrophe can be used to show possession. If the owner or possessor is singular, the letter ‘s’ is used after an apostrophe to show ownership.
1) , (2)

2) ; (2)

3) : ENG1511/Sem 01/ Assignment 01/2023

4) … (2)
5) ! (2)

(10 marks)

Question 4
ENG1511 is an online module, and it is important for students to engage with their lecturers and their fellow students to ensure that the teaching and learning is delivered successfully.

Participate in any two topics created by your lecturers, e-tutors, fellow students on the ENG1511 discussion forum platform on myUnisa. To serve as evidence of your participation, take a screenshot/picture and attach it on your assignment. Your screenshot/picture should display your surname and initials. (15 marks)

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Answer 1:

Google Fu is defined as a type of skill that is utilised with the purpose of finding useful information on the internet. It is mainly applied on search engine such as Google in order to find relevant information.


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