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CRIM 2724 Criminology Assignment Answers

“Frightened residents in the Johannesburg suburb told News24 that zama zamas, often armed with semi-automatic rifles, brazenly shoot as soon as the sun sets over the once peaceful area. When the clock strikes 17:00 daily, Riverlea residents are forced to lock their doors and hope and pray that their houses don’t become targets of rival zama zama gang fights over gold turf. On Saturday night, […]

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Criminology 101 Assignment Answers South Africa

Question 1 [30] In your own words, explain your understanding of the field of criminology and its applications in your work environment. (10) Consider if the motivations to establish minimum sentences in South Africa have the desired outcome. Refer to the recent murder statistics to prove your point. (10) Criminology is expanding its borders and considers cybercrime as a newer crime. Explain the three (3) […]

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CRM 1514 Criminology Assignment Answers

Question 1 Case study Bathabile is 21-year-old women who just ended a sexual relationship with 34-year-old Andries. In their relationship they often sent each other intimate messages and pictures. However, after six months in the relationship, he began to violently attack Bathabile and hurt her, including a range of forced sexual interactions. Andries was physically abusive and jealous; he did not want to allow Bathabile […]

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