Vietnam war essay grade 12 summary

An analysis of the Vietnam War indicates that it is one of the longest lasting wars that was fought between North Vietnam and South Vietnam, and the United States also participated actively in the war as an ally of South Vietnam. It is mainly the US anti-communist foreign policy that has driven the war and the conflict was further intensified because of the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union. It is also known as the second Indo-China war where in the north Vietnam was positively supported by the Soviet Union, whereas South Vietnam got the support of America, Australia, Britain, France and New Zealand. The war lasted for 19 years and it ended in 1973. The United States is located 9000 miles away from Vietnam and still it participated in the war only because it felt that its national interest was threatened strongly. The US feared that there could be the spread of communism and its entry was therefore to stop the spread of communism in Asia.

As a result of the Vietnam War, there are significant outcomes being evident such as economic downturn, and political isolation of Vietnam. The war also resulted in the fall of the South Vietnamese government in 1975 and it ultimately led to the formation of a unified communist government in the country. The effect of the Vietnam War is also identified in the form of staggering death toll, as it was identified that the war has resulted into the killing of estimated 2 million Vietnamese civilians, 1.1 million North Vietnamese troops and 200000 South Vietnamese troops.  Although there were significant killings identified in the war from both sides, the US failed to comprehensively win the war. The reasons identified for its losses are that the Americans were an invading force, and Vietnamese were fighting on their own soil. There was also a lack of commitment identified on the part of Americans in terms of winning the war. The war led to lessons learnt by the US that there is a need for the right motivation to intervene in a conflict, as it drives the most effective strategy and clear goals to achieve from the conflict. However, this was completely lacking on the part of the US which led to their defeat in the Vietnam war.

How to write an essay on Vietnam war

Writing an essay on the Vietnam War requires a good understanding and knowledge about the war, and also the ability to write essays properly. Writing an essay requires proper introduction, body and conclusion, and it is important to cover relevant information in all these sections of an essay. The introduction must include a brief background about the war indicating the period from which the war lasted, the main parties involved in the war, and the major reason for which the war was fought between the involved parties. The body section must include an in-depth analysis covering the causes of war, the actual strategies and techniques utilised by the parties involved in the war, the consequences of the war and final result explaining which side has won the war. The final conclusion must include a brief discussion about the findings from the entire analysis about the war. The professional experts are well aware of the approach to be undertaken in writing a Vietnam War essay in order to provide good understanding about the topic to the readers. They can answer important Vietnam war essay questions perfectly such as:

1)      ‘ … All the military might of a superpower could not defeat a small nation of peasants.’ Critically discuss this statement in the light of the United States of America’s involvement in Vietnam between 1965 and 1975. Use relevant examples to support your answer.

2)      “America failed to stop the expansion of communism in Vietnam” Do you agree with this statement?

Why did US lose the Vietnam war essay

In terms of killings in the war, it is clear that the US along with its ally South Vietnam succeeded in killing a large number of people from North Vietnam, the overall situation indicated that the US failed to win the war against Vietnam. This is mainly because US has utilised aerial bombing and chemical weapons to destroy Vietnamese villages and has lost a great amount of support from Vietnamese people including both North and South Vietnam. Since the war was also aired on TV, there was strong opposition faced by the USA in the US itself, as a growing number of people from the USA opposed the involvement of the USA in Vietnam.  The cost and casualty of the war had a massive adverse impact on the United States to bear and it ultimately withdrew itself from the war by 1973. As a result of this, South Vietnam fell into full scale invasion by the North by 1975.

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