MUET essay format for Malaysian students

MUET essay format is important to learn for students in Malaysia that are intending to appear for this English proficiency test. MUET is basically known as Malaysian University English test that is conducted with the objective of testing English language proficiency of candidates that apply for admission in universities in Malaysia. The Malaysian examination council is responsible for conducting this test and it is largely recognised in Malaysia. There are four components in MUET and these are listening, speaking, reading and writing. The writing component requires the Malaysian students to write MUET essay, and it is therefore important for them to understand the format to be followed in writing MUET essay. Apart from writing essays, the other components of MUET are also significant to Malaysian students in scoring marks. It is important to focus on other components as well, as they also account for equal weightage as that of writing component.

Writing MUET essay is not much different from that of writing a normal essay. A MUET essay comprises of three important parts such as introduction body and conclusion. The introduction paragraph should provide brief background information about the topic so that the reader can understand about the main concept of entire MUET essay. It must include a thesis statement so that readers are clear about what is expected to be answered from the entire MUET essay. The body part must include a detailed analysis of the topic with separate paragraphs divided into different sub-parts essential to answer the main aim of the essay. The main topic must be broken down to several sub-parts so that the readers can understand each major theme of the essay and they can better reach a conclusion.  The conclusion part should include a detailed response regarding the overall findings from the essay. It should prove the thesis statement with proper justification arrived from the findings from the essay.

MUET reading question and answer, exercise and samples

MUET reading question and answer with exercise and sample are a great way for Malaysian students to prepare themselves for the coming MUET exam. The MUET exam is held three times in a year and for some of the students requiring urgent MUET results, they can go for MUET on demand which is held nearly every month for candidates that require urgent MUET results. For all this students wanting to appear for MUET results, MUET reading question and answer are quite essential for them in order to prepare for the upcoming exams in a better way. In order to cope up with the expectations of such students for MUET samples, an attempt is made to cover certain questions below indicating the MUET reading question for 2022:

Questions based on Listening:

Listen to a conversation between Lily and her friend Rayyan. As you listen, choose the correct answer for questions 1 to 7. Indicate your answers on the answer sheet.

1: Why did Lily go to Kuala Pelangi?

A For a holiday

B To do some shopping

C As part of her geography course

2: How did Lily and her friends travel to Kuala Pelangi?

A They flew.

B They drove.

C They took a bus.

Questions based on speaking

Voice 1: Listen to a conversation between Lily and her friend Rayyan. As you listen, choose the correct answer for questions 1 to 7. You now have 30 seconds to look at the questions.

Now listen carefully and indicate your answers on the answer sheet. Rayyan: Hi Lily. I heard you went on a holiday. Did you have a good time?

Lily: It wasn’t actually a holiday, but I did have a good time! I went to Kuala Pelangi for a weekend with some of the other students in my geography class. The trip was part of our course; we had to write about it afterwards. We had to describe what tourists can do there – shopping, eating, doing water sports, and other activities. It was hard work but we had a lot of fun.

Rayyan: I’ve never heard of Kuala Pelangi. How did you get there?

Lily: Well, you know my mom  loves travelling. Last year she drove there with some friends. My friend and I didn’t want to drive that far, so in the end we decided to go by air. It wasn’t too expensive actually. At first we thought of going by bus, but we decided it would take too long.

Rayyan: Right. And where did you stay?

Lily: In a hotel. We searched online and we chose this new hotel called the Pelangi Beach. They had enough rooms for all of us and it wasn’t too expensive. And they even included lunch on the first day free of charge. Quite a lot of hotels offer you a free drink when you arrive, but I’ve never been offered a meal before.

Rayyan: No, neither have I.

Lily: And the hotel’s right by the sea. Anyway, we had a very good lunch, and the staff were great, very friendly, but the best thing was the view – the restaurant’s right by the beach. We really enjoyed sitting and relaxing there after the journey.

Rayyan: It sounds wonderful. So what did you do after lunch?

Lily: We went to the hotel reception and got a brochure with details of things to do and places to see. Then we went to the tourist information centre and picked up more stuff – maps and so on, though we’d already downloaded and printed them out before we left home. Then we decided how we’d spend the rest of our time, because we only had two days and we had a lot of places to see and photographs to take.

Rayyan: What did you like best when you were there?

Lily: We loved the Central Market! You really must go there one day. They’ve got an absolutely huge choice of hand-painted batik, which I was really looking forward to seeing. I got a piece for my mom as a surprise birthday present. She loves batik and this is bright pink, which is her favourite colour. And although a lot of the stuff, the batik and so on, are obviously for tourists, they were a lot cheaper than we’d expected. We spent hours there –

the market itself isn’t very big but there’s such a lot to see, and we all bought souvenirs and presents. By the time we’d finished we were not only hungry but also broke.

Rayyan: So where did you eat in the evening?

Lily: Well we couldn’t decide at first. There were three stalls overlooking the sea, just beside our hotel, the Pelangi Beach. The one in the middle caught our eyes as it had a really long queue, that was Raja Chips. So we joined the crowd and ate there. It was fine.   But if I have another chance I’d like to try Ben’s Fried Rice, the aroma of the fried rice was really nice. That was the stall furthest away from our hotel, but it wasn’t that far to  walk. The stall nearest to our hotel was called Sam’s Noodles. The food there looked very good too, but there wasn’t a crowd.

Rayyan: It sounds as if you had a great time! [pause 5 seconds]

Voice 1: Now you will listen to the recording again.

[Audio is repeated]

Voice 1: That is the end of Part 1, now turn to Part 2

[pause 5 seconds]

Questions based on Reading

Read three notices about houses for rent.

Answer questions 1 to 4 based on the notices about houses for rent (A to C). Which house

  1. has easy parking?
  2. is the closest to shops?
  3. is suitable for nature lovers?
  4. has no bedroom furniture?

Questions based on writing

You attended a talk by a famous fashion designer, which was recently organised during your school’s Career Week. The following comment was made by the guest speaker:

Fashion defines a person’s character.

Write an essay expressing your opinion on the statement. Write at least 250 words.

MUET speaking test sample tips, questions and answers

MUET speaking test is a part of overall assessment of English proficiency among students. MUET Speaking test is aimed at evaluating the overall ability of students to speak English. It is important for a student to be competent enough in MUET speaking and this requires them to follow the important tips as mentioned here. They need to expand their thematic vocabulary, focus on achieving clarity over their voice, make use of relevant points, pay attention to their face and body matter while speaking, and attend MUET course to make themselves competent. Some important MUET speaking test tips are:

  • Talk uproariously and obviously with the goal that the inspectors can hear you.
  • Try not to be apprehensive to such an extent that you can’t talk as expected. Take a full breath, and talk gradually and obviously
  • Visually engage with the inspectors and different up-and-comers – particularly during Task B as it is a gathering conversation.
  • Utilize great language. Great selection of words and sentence structure are in addition to focuses.
  • Try not to be inconsiderate. Continuously say “excuse me” when you wish to interfere, and “much obliged” subsequent to giving your discourse in Task A.

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