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Unemployment rates in South Africa Assignment Answers

Question 1 (20 Marks) Due to the significant and continuous increase in unemployment rates in South Africa for many years, you are interested in investigating how businesses and corporations can assist in combating youth unemployment rates in your community. Write a research proposal outlining how you plan on carrying out your research study. Your research proposal should outline the following: i. Research title (should include […]

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Youth unemployment in South Africa Assignment Answers

High levels of unemployment in South Africa are clearly one of the country’s most pressing ‘triple ills”, along with poverty and inequality. With some 7.8 million people unemployed as at the third-quarter of 2023, and with 75% of these people deemed to be ‘long-termed unemployed’ (Stats SA, 2023), the critical need to kickstart the country’s moribund economic growth in order to reverse this trend is […]

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