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HCM547 Answers Technology, Disruption, and Human Capital Management

Section A (100 marks) Question 1 Select and appraise an existing talent management initiative supported by a technology, or technologies, in a business you are familiar with and propose changes to the initiative and the technology, or technologies, that will increase the employee focus and impact. (Maximum 2,000 words) Question 2 Assess the current use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a chosen workplace and the […]

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HCM547 Technology, Disruption, and Human Capital Management Assignment Answers

Question 1 (a) Identify and judge at least one area in talent management that platform workers are usually at a disadvantage compared to other workers and create a policy to improve equality between them. (40 marks) (b) Select a business, describe the culture and design an approach for the organisation to manage and use technology and data in a way that enhances trust between employees […]

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