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An Overview of Talent Management in Higher Education Assignment Answers

Institutions Literature shows that talent management is relatively new in universities despite its relevance for these institutions in offering a practical way of achieving a competitive edge. In a research study conducted by Rudhumbu and Maphosa (2015) in Botswana, it was found that talent management practices utilised in tertiary education institutions in this country are still lagging behind because the knowledge and capability to apply […]

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HCM547 Answers Technology, Disruption, and Human Capital Management

Section A (100 marks) Question 1 Select and appraise an existing talent management initiative supported by a technology, or technologies, in a business you are familiar with and propose changes to the initiative and the technology, or technologies, that will increase the employee focus and impact. (Maximum 2,000 words) Question 2 Assess the current use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a chosen workplace and the […]

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HCM547 Technology, Disruption, and Human Capital Management Assignment Answers

Question 1 (a) Identify and judge at least one area in talent management that platform workers are usually at a disadvantage compared to other workers and create a policy to improve equality between them. (40 marks) (b) Select a business, describe the culture and design an approach for the organisation to manage and use technology and data in a way that enhances trust between employees […]

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