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Supply Chain Management 2 SUPMNGT_2

Case study: WALMART According to the Fortune 500 top global retailer list that was generated in 2016, Walmart is still by far the largest retailer in the world. It has 10 000 retail stores worldwide and sales of over $480 billion per annum. It is one of the world’s larger employers, with 2.3 million associates globally. (It does not have employees, but associates, as employees […]

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Supply Chain Management SCM101B Assignment Answers

Case Study 1: When Quality management fails When the Quality Management System fails to function and important requirements are missed or processes run amuck, it means process failure. Customers might be upset and go to alternative suppliers and the business may lose revenue. Below is an example of quality failure. iPhone 4 While it quickly recovered, Apple was on the verge of losing its dominance […]

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SMP32203 Supply Chain Management Assignment Answers

1. Identify a Malaysia SME that operates in any industry sector, which the group members are interested in. Briefly provide the background of the chosen SME. 2. Evaluate the entire process of supply chain management in the identified SME. The evaluation must consist of all the following elements on the SME’s supply chain: i) Purchase management ii) Creating and managing suppliers’ relationships iii) Demand forecasting […]

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SCM303B Supply Chain Management Assignment Answers

Consumers are increasingly shopping from the comfort of their homes, enjoying the convenience and safety offered by online e-commerce solutions. Demonstrate why Checkers will experience ‘the last mile’ problem with the exponential growth in online shopping. In your answer, provide a detailed explanation of this phenomenon (5 marks) and how it has developed (5 marks). Also, demonstrate why it affects Checkers more than it might […]

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Strategic Supply Chain Management Assignment Answers

Elite Engineering is a company which is in the business for the past decade. The manufacturing unit and warehouse is situated in Benoni. The companies most profitable customers are operating in the mining industry in the North West province. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has seen a dramatic downward spiral in revenue. You are appointed as the Supply Chain Manager and […]

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Operations and Supply Chain Management Assignment Answers

1. Kingman’s Equation has been called ‘The Equation of Lean’. SEE below graph for all questions a. SANRAL have been tasked to improve the number of cars travelling from Johannesburg to Pretoria ( and vice versa). Using the Kingman Equation and the diagram below , describe the equation and what it means. Additionally explain at least 5 options SANRAL could consider and the potential thereof. […]

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