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Strategic Marketing 354 Assignment Answers

Premium chocolate is a type of chocolate that contains a higher percentage of cocoa solids than regular milk chocolate. Other aspects that are used to distinguish premium chocolate from other types of chocolate include the high quantity of cocoa used in the product; whether it is fairtrade and sustainably sourced; if it combines other ingredients, such as raspberry chunks or alcohol; and if the packaging […]

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Advanced Digital Marketing Dynamics Assignment Answers

Strategy and Strategic Factors at Montego Dog Food Company Peter Smith, CEO of Montego Dog Food (MDF), sat at his desk and thought of the board meeting that was about to begin. At the meeting, he would have to make proposals for what his company should do next. Despite a long record of achievement, the company faced numerous challenges, and shareholders needed certainty in its […]

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Strategic Marketing Management Assignment Answers

QUESTION 1 [100 MARKS] Identify a product or service in your organisation that needs to be marketed. Write a report to the management team, discussing the topics below, and make recommendations to them. Substantiate your recommendations by explaining the theory behind your decisions, using your textbook, and at least 3 – 5 academic journal articles. You can also use other online sources to support your […]

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Shoprite posts strong results, says it won’t reopen six stores gutted by looters

Shoprite posts strong results, says it won’t reopen six stores gutted by looters The Shoprite group has reported a strong set of results, with its gross profit margin improving by 55 basis points to 24.5%. Its Checkers business grew sales in South Africa by almost 11 % in the past year to 4 July, with more than 1.5 million downloads of its Checkers Sixty60 delivery […]

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