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Organisational Development and Skills Administration (HHRD230-1)

Question 1 (35 marks) Read the following scenario and answer the questions that follow: ABC Corporation, a global manufacturing company, has been experiencing declining sales and profits due to increasing competition and changing customer needs. The CEO, Mr Smith, understands that the company along with the management a and leaders must adapt to these changes or face redundancy. He hires an organisational development (OD) consultant, […]

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Organisational Development Assignment Answers

QUESTION 1 [20 MARKS] Various organisational processes and models drive changes that will help organisations to achieve their purpose. Critically discuss how your public sector organisation will achieve its purpose by assessing which organisational processes and models will drive the necessary changes. QUESTION 2 [50 MARKS] Examine how your organisation will remain sustainable during and after Covid-19 by addressing key organisational development principles such as: […]

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