Various organisational processes and models drive changes that will help organisations to achieve their purpose. Critically discuss how your public sector organisation will achieve its purpose by assessing which organisational processes and models will drive the necessary changes.


Examine how your organisation will remain sustainable during and after Covid-19 by addressing key organisational development principles such as: strategy, structure, policies and culture. You may refer to your own organisational culture and link it to theory, and also linking it to organisational policies and the greater National Development Plan. Perform a cost calculation, and discuss sustainability systems that adhere to the principles of people, process and systems.


Critically explain which OD interventions will support your organisation in achieving its purpose and strategy. (25)

Identify and briefly discuss the ethical dilemmas that an organisational development consultant can face during the implementation of OD interventions. (5)

Answers to Above Questions on Organisational Development

Answer 1: It is important for every organisation to make changes to their processes in order to suit the needs and requirements of external environment conditions. A public sector organisation can utilise a range of organisational processes and models in order to drive necessary changes. Some of these include strategic planning, change management, performance management process, lean and 6 sigma methodologies, organisational redesign etc. However the selection of a specific process depends upon the type of organisation and the activities it performs. The specific public sector South African organisation selected for this purpose is National Library of South Africa.


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