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Advanced Leadership: Professional and Clinical Answers

Assignment: Nurses are critical to delivering on the promise of “leaving no one behind”. They make a central contribution to national and global targets related to a range of health priorities (WHO, 2020). Identify a change initiative that you were involved in and critically discuss its implementation in relation to achieving an established healthcare outcome. Link your discussion back to the assignment statement. Explore factors […]

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NBNS2113 Respiratory Nursing OUM Assignment Answers

Ms J, 16-year-old comes to emergency department with chest tightness, dyspnoea, and wheezing. Ms J has a history of asthma.She used her Ventolin inhaler at home prior to coming to the hospital but is not using it on a regular basis due to his mother utilizing alternative therapies to manage Ms J’s asthma. Discuss the specific respiratory assessment to Ms J. Explain the health education […]

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