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MTN Group, a key player in South Africa’s telecommunications Answers

Question 1: [26 Marks] 1.1. Consider MTN Group, a key player in South Africa’s telecommunications sector. As the company strives for growth and efficiency, understanding the synergy between strategic and operational plans is vital. Required: Compare the strategic plans and operational plans of MTN Group, a prominent South African telecommunications company. (4 marks) 1.2. You have successfully navigated a job interview for a management role […]

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Business Ethics HBMN201-1 Assignment Answers

Question 1: (20 Marks) Read the extract below and conduct your own research about MTN and Telkom business deal, to be able to answer the question below: MTN South Africa was discussing purchasing smaller competitor Telkom in a stock or cash- and-shares transaction that would propel MTN ahead of market leader Vodacom Group. The prospective $1 billion agreement would have given MTN access to Telkom’s […]

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HBMN130-1 Business Management 1 Assignment Answers

Question 1: (20 Marks) 1.1. On a managerial level or in the management area you are required to perform certain managerial roles. Required: Explain and provide examples for the roles of the distribution of managers at MTN Question 2: (35 Marks) The market environment lies between the micro-environment and the remote environment and forms a buffer between the organisation and the remote environment. As the […]

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