Question 1: (20 Marks)
1.1. On a managerial level or in the management area you are required to perform certain managerial roles.

Explain and provide examples for the roles of the distribution of managers at MTN

Question 2: (35 Marks)
The market environment lies between the micro-environment and the remote environment and forms a buffer between the organisation and the remote environment. As the manager at MTN, you interact with these markets on a regular.

In your own words, explain the market environment components MTN. (5 x 4 =20 marks)

Provide three (3) real-life practical examples of the market environment components of MTN. (3 x 5 =15 marks)

Question 3: (20 Marks)
You have just employed a few new employees at your MTN Canal Walk branch. There seems to be some conflict between the new employees and the employees that have been working for the company for a while because of their different work ethics.

Indicate which generations question 3.1.1 – 3.1.5 refer to. (5 marks)

The generation of the future. (1 mark)
This generation of employees is very different from the generation that came after them, the millennials. (1 mark)
Born between 1996 and 2013. (1 mark)
This generation believes in the value of hard work. (1 mark)
This generation creates unique challenges for the organisations that employ them. (1 mark)

Refer to the fictitious statement below and answer the questions following:

Your two team members at MTN always seem to argue over everything and this has now caused some friction in the team.

Identify the five (5) conflict management strategies. (5 marks)

Identify the five (5) interpersonal conflict causes that may be causing your team members to constantly argue. (5 marks)

The constant conflict happening at the branch has led to one of the employees being diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PSTD), due to the conflict that happens in the branch.

Identify 3 (three) psychological symptoms of pre-PSD and any 2 (two) physical symptoms of pre-TSD. (5 marks)

Question 4: (25 Marks)
Organisations do not have a single, uniform organisational culture because it is determined by various internal and external variables, such as national and regional cultures, industry cultures and various sub-cultures within organisations.

In your own words, write a 350-word essay on your understanding of what the Concept of Culture is and provide practical examples of different cultures in South Africa.

Please note:
– Additional research may be conducted.
– Five (5) marks will be awarded for referencing.

Answers to Above Questions on Business Managment

Answer 1: 

The managerial level people are required to carry out certain managerial roles in order to fulfill their obligations in the organisation. In this relation, MTN is a multinational telecommunication company that employs managers at different levels, and they are required to perform different managerial roles as assigned to them. Some of the important managerial roles at MTN include risk manager, corporate governance manager, human capital manager, finance and investment manager, group operations manager  etc and they are required to perform different roles as assigned to them.

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