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Berain Manufacturers uses the perpetual inventory system Answers

QUESTION ONE (10 Marks) The following transactions of Berain Manufacturers, that uses the perpetual inventory system, took place during February 2024 in respect of a part used in production: Feb     01 Stock on hand 600 units @ R34 per unit 08 Issued to production 420 units 15 Purchased from supplier 1800 units @ R35.50 per unit 16 Issued to production 700 units 17 […]

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Management Accounting Case Study Assignment Answers

Question 1 1.1: Management accountants advocate that marginal costing is superior to absorption costing when assisting management with decision-making. In light of the above statement, discuss in detail the advantages of marginal costing as the basis of management reporting. 1.2 Justify whether management accounting is required in non-profit organisations. Question 2 Mo Salah is employed by Liverpool Limited. The normal working week is 45 hours. […]

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ACCT2006 Management Accounting Assignment Answers

Classic Sanitary Wares (CSW) manufactures and sells bathroom accessories in Adelaide. CSW is facing the following market challenges and opportunities: • CSW needs to develop some preliminary cost estimates for launching a new product – ‘Daffodil Basin’. • CSW is experiencing increasing pressures from new competitors who are importing sanitary wares from China and selling them at cheaper prices in the Australian markets. • CSW […]

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HMAC230 Principles of Management Accounting Assignment Answers

QUESTION 1                                                                                                          (45 marks)  Custom Couches (Pty) Ltd uses a job costing system to manufacture various types of couches for their customers. Manufacturing overheads are allocated to jobs on the basis of a predetermined rate i.e., it is based on direct labour hours. The budgeted manufacturing overheads for the period (November 2022) were R108 000 and the anticipated direct labour hours for the same period […]

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Management Accounting Assignment Answers MANCOSA

Calculate Anne’s remuneration for 15 April 2022. The normal wage of Anne is R200 per hour and her normal working day comprises 9 hours. The standard production time for each employee is 10 minutes per unit. On 15 April 2022, Anne’s production was 60 units. Using the Halsey bonus system, a bonus of 50% of the time saved is given to employees. 1.2 REQUIRED Calculate the […]

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Management Accounting Assignment Help for Mario traders

QUESTION ONE  Information: November TRANSACTIONS NUMBER OF UNITS AND COST 01 Opening inventory 1260 units @ R11 per unit 08 Purchased from supplier 3150 units @ R12 12 Issued to production 2310 units 19 Returned to supplier 525 units (purchased on 08 November) 22 Purchased from supplier 1575 units @ R13 28 Issued to production 2625 units 1.1 Use the transactions of Stark Industries to determine […]

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