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Management Accounting Assignment Answers MANCOSA

Calculate Anne’s remuneration for 15 April 2022. The normal wage of Anne is R200 per hour and her normal working day comprises 9 hours. The standard production time for each employee is 10 minutes per unit. On 15 April 2022, Anne’s production was 60 units. Using the Halsey bonus system, a bonus of 50% of the time saved is given to employees. 1.2 REQUIRED Calculate the […]

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Management Accounting Assignment Help for Mario traders

QUESTION ONE  Information: November TRANSACTIONS NUMBER OF UNITS AND COST 01 Opening inventory 1260 units @ R11 per unit 08 Purchased from supplier 3150 units @ R12 12 Issued to production 2310 units 19 Returned to supplier 525 units (purchased on 08 November) 22 Purchased from supplier 1575 units @ R13 28 Issued to production 2625 units 1.1 Use the transactions of Stark Industries to determine […]

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