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Impact of Leadership Style on Organizational Performance Answers

Impact of Leadership Style on Organizational Performance: A Case Study of Nigerian Banks Leadership style is a key determinant of the success or failure of any organization. A leader is person who influences, directs, and motivates others to perform specific tasks and also inspire his subordinates for efficient performance towards the accomplishment of the stated corporate objectives. Leadership style is the manner and approach of […]

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Leadership in public sector assignment answers

Scenario: You have just been employed as a manager in a company that has been struggling to remain productive. Profits have been declining and the team of employees do not feel motivated. In your new position as the Manager, you have 3 support managers who have not been working as a team that will be reporting to you. Your primary task is to set the […]

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Elon Musk Could Use These Tools Assignment Answers

Elon Musk Could Use These Tools: Emotional Intelligence In The C-Suite Starts With Our Kids “If you are cringing at the destructive, emotionally tin-eared leadership currently on display from a range of self-harming billionaires, prepare yourself. Elon Musk and Sam Bankman-Fried may only be the tip of a rising iceberg. Research is suggesting future generations of leaders are less emotionally intelligent compared to those a […]

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MBA 718- Strategic Leadership and Practise Assignment Answers

Establishing and Applying a Leadership Style to an Organization and the Actions to Take As it has been presented during the last four weeks, there are several strategic leadership styles that leaders can follow. Moreover, this has an impact on the strategic management process but it also depends on the actions that the top management team takes to ensure effective leadership within a business. Having […]

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MLED02-6 Management and Leadership Assignment Answers

Question 1 (35 marks) To prepare for your professional life, you need to reflect on how to effectively build your career. The media has recently been shining the spotlight on leaders of all ages and walks of life. Research the topic of leadership further (using a minimum of three other sources) and compile a detailed five-year personal development plan (PDP) which would be applicable to […]

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AML401P Applied Marketing Leadership Assignment Answers

Develop an infographic of any one (1) rural town (no townships – Soweto and no cities or major towns – Potchefstroom) from the following South African provinces: Free State, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, and North-West Province (i.e. Letsitele, Howick, etc.). The infographic needs to include a depiction of the macro environment and the segment of choices’ behavioural, psychographic and profile segmentation variables. The infographic further needs to […]

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