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LPL4802 Law of Damages Assignment Answers

QUESTION 1: NATURE AND ASSESSMENT OF NON-PATRIMONIAL LOSS (INJURY TO PERSONALITY) Study the case on Syce and Another v Minister of Police (1119/2022) [2024] ZASCA¬†30 and answer the questions below. Your answer must be presented in an essay format. It will be marked according to the rubric annexed with this question paper. You must attach the rubric immediately after your answer, and not at the […]

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LDA 500 Law of Damages Assignment Answers

Question 1 [25] Carefully read through the set of facts below and then answer the questions that follow: C and D are neighbours. C recently moved into the house next to D. He immediately started building a brick wall between his property and that of D. On the morning of 24 August 2012, D confronted C on the pavement when the latter was trying to […]

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